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 Why Finding the Right Front Door Color is Important

Finding the right front door color for your home

​The color of your front door can have a big impact on curb appeal. There are many factors to consider, from architecture to the color of your exterior.  How do you want guests to perceive you when they come over for a visit?  We suggest following these pointers to help you find the the right front door for your style.

What Front Doors Stood Out to You?

​Chances are bold, colorful doors are the ones that you remember.  Do you appreciate the baby blue door at your friend’s house? Perhaps you really enjoy the neighbors house with the door painted fire engine red? It’s these immediate reactions that show you how impactful a well-chosen front door color can be.

What Emotions Did They Make You Feel?

​While brightly colored doors energize, and dark hues are more somber. When you use light pastels it’s playful and neutral tones are more subdued and formal. It doesn’t matter what the style is of your home, define what type of feeling you want people to have when they approach your front door.  This will help you realize what colors you prefer.

Paint Swatches in All Different Colors

​In the beginning, don’t limit yourself. Grab swatches from every color family that might even remotely work.  Tape the samples to your front door to see how they look during the daylight, then again at night with the porch light on. This will help you to narrow down your options quickly.

Allow Your Surroundings Inspire You

​To emphasize the color of your window shutters, paint the front door the same color. Do you want to accentuate the roses lining your front walkway?  Then choose a red to match them.

Consider Longevity

​You don’t want to repaint your front door every 4 months.  Be honest—have you wanted a purple door for years, or is this a passing urge? Will you be happy with your sunshine yellow door when winter comes, and the ground is covered in snow? If you’re certain you will, go ahead and take the plunge.

Install a Quality Replacement Door in Colorado Springs

Before painting your front door—you may want to replace it with a durable, secure, energy-efficient one first. If so, Pikes Peak Windows & Doors has the selection you’re looking for.

To learn more about replacing the doors in your Colorado Springs home, please call Pikes Peak Windows & Doors at 719-528-2440 today. 

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