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 Prepping Your Windows for Spring
As the Winter months start coming to a close, it is time to start preparing your home for the highly anticipated warmer months of Spring. Just like other aspects of your home, the exteriors of your home such as windows and doors should also be included in your “Spring Cleaning” initiatives.  You can either hire someone to help you with this task or follow a simple guide that you can do it yourself.
  • First you will want to gather your cleaning supplies, and this consist of all-purpose cleaning solution, a cleaning cloth, squeegee, and you may consider a scraper incase you need to remove and goo or stickers that could be stuck to the glass.
  • Start out by cleaning the window frame. You want to take your all -purpose cleaner, spray down the frame, and gently wipe dry with a clean cloth. By starting at the frame first, this will help eliminate any dirt you could eventually drag across the glass later.
  • You will want to clean the surface of the glass for the window. Here is where the scraper comes in handy, as you can use it to remove and goo or stickers that may be stuck to the glass. By doing this, it will help prepare the glass for a thorough cleaning.
  • Strat by cleaning the glass on the inside first. You will next spray the glass down with your all-purpose cleaner, and take your squeegee starting from the left and working your way across the surface to the right. Then you will do the same by working your way from the top too the bottom.
  • To remove excess water or if you want your windows to be dry immediately. You can use newspaper to dry your windows for immediate results. Also, if you do not have all purpose cleaning solution, and the proper tools to clean your windows. You can use equal parts of warm water and vinegar to clean the windows and follow it by drying the windows with the newspaper. This will leave the windows crystal clear and clean as well.
  • You will repeat the same process for the exterior portion of your windows. This will leave both external and internal windows crystal clear and clean.

Window Screens: Most windows in your home have screens that come on the exterior portion of the window. These screens also require basic maintenance to help keep them clean, and to improve their longevity. Cleaning the screens are easy, all you need is dish-washing liquid in a bucket of warm water, and a soft bristled brush. You will begin by removing the screen from the window, then spray it down with a hose and gently brushing the screen with the soapy water. Once you have completed this on one side of the screen you flip it over and complete it on the other side.  You will let the screen dry completely before placing it back into the window frame.

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