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Like every other part of your house, your front door will need to be replaced at some point.  Since you are proud of your house, and care about the image it projects, you’ll want to take your time and choose the right replacement door.  Your front door isn’t something that has ever required replacement, as a result, you aren’t sure what options are available.  We’ve put together a quick list of things to remember when choosing a new replacement door.

A few things that will be helpful to know when you begin door shopping include –

  • Will I only need to replace the door, or do I need to replace the door frame also?
  • Am I happy with the present door configuration, or do I want a door that also has glass panels, either in the door, or as part of a decorative frame?
  • In which direction will the door need to swing?  If you’re comfortable with the way that your present door swings, determine if the door is a right or left-handed door.  To make the determination, stand in the doorway facing outside.  If the doorknob is to the right, then your door is right-handed.

Deciding what type of material your door will be is important.

  • Wood doors are the most common and versatile doors available.  They can be inexpensive ($200) or expensive ($4,000 or more); plain or ornate;  stained or painted;  solid wood or laminated.
  • Steel doors offer the best security and durability.  They are usually available as pre-hung.  Since they are filled with foam insulation, they provide excellent barriers to outdoor temperatures.  The least expensive steel doors are around $150, while more elaborate doors will be as expensive as high-end wood doors.
  • Fiberglass-composite doors are becoming more popular door replacement options.  They require little, if any, maintenance, and are well-suited for use in extreme weather conditions.  Many manufacturers warranty a fiberglass door for as long as you reside in your home.  Prices are compatible with wood and steel doors.
  • Aluminum doors are sold only through dealers, as they are custom-built.  They are available in an almost endless variety of options.  They also carry long-term warranties.  Since they are built to order, they will be more expensive than most doors.

There are a few other options to consider when choosing a replacement door.  You’ll need to decide what color or shade the hardware (door knobs, deadbolt locks, hinges) will be.  Will you have a screen or storm door installed?

Finally, don’t be afraid to do a little research.  Research the manufacturers, distributors, and customer experiences with installation and warranties.  You don’t want such an important purchase to become a hassle because of quality issues, poor customer service, or lousy installation.  Do your homework, go shopping, make your choice, and most of all, be proud of your new door!

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