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 5 Things To Know Before Buying Replacement Windows

Five important factors you should consider before purchasing your replacement windows.

Who will install the windows?
Making sure your windows are installed properly is very important. If they aren’t installed correctly, the will fail over time. This is a vital step in the window purchasing process.

What is the energy efficiency of the windows?
It is estimated that 90% of heat loss occurs through the glass in your windows. Energy efficient glass in your windows is so important in order to lower your heating and cooling bills.What is the window made of?
Before you purchase your replacement windows, find out what the windows are made of. Make sure the windows are made with exceptional attention to detail and excellent quality material.

Does the window replacement quote include all costs?
Be careful with who you hire to replace your windows. Many companies that claim they have the lowest prices are too good to be true. They tack on hidden fees for installation and or manufacturing. Make sure the quote includes all of the costs for the entire project.

What kind of warranty do the windows come with?
It is important to ask about the warranty information. The company should offer a warranty on the products, and the installation of the products.

When choosing replacement windows for your home, it is important to consider all of your options before making the final decision.

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