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5 Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor

​When it comes time to replace your windows, the company you choose should be transparent, and upfront with you about all the details of their business. They should be able to discuss every aspect of the install process from their licensing, materials, warranties, customization, and glass options.  The contractor you choose should be knowledgeable and have a strong following of satisfied clients. We have complied a list of a few questions that are frequently asked by potential clients that are shopping for new windows.

1.) What Frame Materials Do You offer?
Frame material is an important aspect of installing your windows. In fact, frame material is just as important as the selection of glass, because poor frame materials and poor installation defeats the purpose of installing a quality window for your home. Making sure you are receiving a quality material for the frame of your windows will help save money and improve the longevity of your windows lifespan.

2.) Is Your Contractor Licensed and Insured?
A good way to make sure the contractors you are talking with are legitimate is to make sure they are both licensed and insured.  Legitimate contractors will have a license to work in your area and will be up to date on city building codes. If your contractor is properly insured, they will carry both general liability and workers compensation. This not only protects the company, but it protects you as a client as well. Having both insurance guarantees you won’t be liable for accidental property damage or work site accidents.

3.)What Glass Packages Do You Offer?
Making sure the contractor you choose has a quality glass program is important. Installing both quality glass with a quality frame helps pay for itself over the duration of time.  It helps increase the energy efficacy of your windows.  Making sure the windows have low emissivity coatings help prevent heat transfer. Not having the proper protection can cause heat transfer. Heat transfer can cause the loss of heat during cold days and can retain heat on hot days. Overall, this can cost you money, as it will make your heating and cooling system work harder and could result in higher utility bills.

4.) What Kind of Warranties do You Offer?
Any quality contractor that you work with should always offer a product and workmanship guarantee. Warranties help create reassurance in case something goes wrong with the protect and services that are provided. It protects both the contractor and the buyer to insure they are getting the quality they are paying for, and it can show the confidence of the contractor by being able to guarantee their work.

5.)Do You Offer Customization?
Contractors that offer the option of customization allows the homeowner to design their home to fit their needs and wants. It offers the personalization that the standard off the rack windows and doors sometimes do not. They offer more styles, colors and finishes that can bring life to your home.

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